Donald Trump’s Tag Cloud

This is a Tag Cloud of what Mr. Donald Trump said tonight in the debate. Mister Trump used about 8,197 words. I created the cloud to show the top 10% of words used, with a maximum word limit of 819. This shows the top 445 of 883 possible words. The text source is NPRs fact check live stream.


able absolutely addition admission ads advantage african-american agency ago agree agreement ahead airports almost amendment america anybody anything anywhere approve arabia argument around article asked assets audit avenue away bad badly banks barack beat beautiful became become beginning behind believe bernie best better beyond biggest billions birth bit blumenthal border bridges bring brought bubble budget build built bureaucratic business button buy called campaign car care cases cash certain certainly certificate change chicago china cities clinton club cnn comes commercials community companies complaining complete computers concerned control cost could’ve country course created credit crime cut cyber deal debate debt debtor defeat defective defend delete democrat deserve devaluing different disagree disaster disgraceful division dollars donald done double doyle east economy eight election else emails end endorsed energy estate everybody everything example excuse expand experience extent fact fail fairness family far father fault favor fed federal feel fifteen fifth fifty fight filed financial fine finish focus formed forty forward fought frankly friend frisk gangs gave general getting give given going gold golf greatest guilt guns hacks half hannity happen happy hard heard hell help hillary hispanic history honest horrible hundred ice idea illegal immigrants impact important incentive including income increase incredible inner instead interest internet interview invested involved iran iraq isis japan jobs judge keeping killed korea land large later law lawsuit lawyer leadership league learn leaving lester leveraged life list looks losing lost lot love luck mainstream major manager manufacturing mass maybe mayor mcclatchy media mess met mexico michigan middle million mind mine minute mistake money murders nafta name nation nato needs negotiate nice night ninety no-fly nobody north nothing notice nuclear number numerous obama office ohio oil okay opening order outside owe paid past patti paying pennsylvania people percent perhaps person pictures places plan plants police political politicians power prepared president pressing probably problem produce product protect proud purposely putting question quickly raise ran randy rates read reagan real really reason recently red refused regulations relates relationships release renegotiate report respect respond returns rid roads ronald running russia sanders satisfied saudi save saying schedule sean secretary sell sent service settled seven seventy shootings should’ve shows sidney signed single site situation six small solar solutions somebody something soon sound special spent squandered stamina standard started states stop story street strong strongly sudden sued support supposed sure table taken taking talking tape tax telling temperament ten terms terrible terror things think third thirty thousands throughout times today told top totally tough tougher trade treated tremendous trillion trouble true trump truth twenty unable unbelievable united untrue used vacuum various wait wants war watch wealthy website week win wish wonder words work world worse worst worth wrong years york young
created at

Secretary Clinton’s Tag Cloud

This is a Tag Cloud of what Secretary Clinton said tonight in the debate. Secretary Clinton used about 6,364 words. I created the cloud to show the top 10% of words used, with a maximum word limit of 636. This shows the top 413 of 974 possible words. The text source is NPRs fact check live stream.


able abroad absolutely according action activity add address administration admit advantage african-american ago agreement alliance allies america american anybody anyone architect around asked assist assume attacks away backs balance bankruptcy barack basically beauty become begin behalf believe benefit best better bias biggest birther bit black blow bomb bring budget build built bush business buy called campaign career causes certainly challenge change charges checker chiefs china citizen claim class clean clear clearly closely coalition collapse college coming committee communities companies concerns concluded consequences contest cooperation corporate country couple course create credit crime criminal crisis criticize cuts cyber dangerous deal debate debt debt-free deeply democratic department deserve determines different difficult direct disagree dismissed dollars donald done doubt drapery earned east economic economy education effect efforts eight election else elsewhere ended energy enforcement engage enough equal europe everyone everything example exports fabrics face facilities fact failed fair family far father federal feeling fifty fight files finally financial forth future give global going government group grow growth guess gun hack half hands happened hard health heard help hiding hold home hope hours house hundred ices implicit important including incomes increased independent ineffective information installers intelligence intend invest involve iran iraq iraqi isis issues japan jobs justice keep kept kinds korea laid law lead leader leadership learn leave lester lie life live looked loophole lose lost lot majority making man manufacturing material matter maybe mayors means mental met middle middle-class military million minimum miss mistake money murder muslim mutual name nations nato needed negotiated neighborhoods nine nuclear number obama officers okay online opportunities order organizing owes paid paint pay peace people percent persisted personal plan please police policy position possible prepared president prison private problems produce profit program progress prohibition proposed protect proud prove provide public push putting question quite race racist raising rate real really reasons recent recession reform refused release remember report republican respect responsibilities restore returns rising rock ron russia safe sailors sanction saying schools secret secretary security seeing senate sense several share ship six skills slash small smart something sometimes south squeeze stage stamina stand start state stiffed stop street sued support sure switch system table taken talk taunted tax ten terrorism terrorist thank things think thirty threat today together tonight took top trade training treated trickle-down tried trillion troops troubling trump trust turn twenty understand unfortunately united vets view vote wage wall wanted war warfare watch water ways wealthy weapons weeks white woman women words work world worst wrote years york young zero
created at


This week a recurring theme in my life has been “What do you want to do? How do you intend to make an impact in people’s lives?” My answers have been a bit scattered but I am going to try to condense them here.

At the very surface I want to help people. This is a broad goal without clear definitions or an obvious path to success. To refine this goal I want to work with young adults and help them grow into well adjusted adults. Taking this idea a step further, I discover that I want to work with young women and encourage them to step into the world and fly. By fly mean I want to help girls find their feet and help them become doers who have intentions to change the world for the better. I want to teach them how to be at peace with themselves, how to learn from life everyday and how to communicate clearly, with kindness and intention. I want them to leave my ideal program knowing they are strong and can do anything they set their minds to. I want to do this in a very different way; I want to bring girls together in a backcountry setting, in small intimate groups which cross as many socio and economic lines as possible and I want to do it at no cost for the girls. I want to bring them together as equals, have them learn from each other’s life experiences and have them find a group who will support them throughout the rest of their lives.

Scary (and Good) Things, Honesty and Asking for What You Need

This is the first public check-in I have written since creating “College Goals.” A lot as happened in these first few weeks, some good and the rest requiring reflection.

Starting with some of the scary stuff:

  • I had to ride home in the dark… Moment of truth here, I am afraid of the dark and hate being by myself when I am going somewhere at night. However, with my ride through the dark, I felt very calm which may have resulted from being on a bike and having a headlamp.
  • Pushing myself to make genuine connections with other people is very hard for me. I have found that I often prefer to eat on my own or sit quietly with others while I observe. In order to make more connections, I do need to attempt some deeper conversations with others.

On Honesty:

  • I signed up for some clubs and after going to a few of the meetings, I discovered some I truly enjoyed and others which did not have my attention or passion. In asking to step away from these groups I chose not to make an excuse such as “My schedule is too busy for this.” or “I have other obligations.” and instead practice honesty using phrases like “My passion lies elsewhere right now.” and “I am not being fulfilled by this activity.” I am still waiting for a response to this honesty.

Asking for what you need:

  • Normally when I ask for what I need, I am asking others. However, I have found recently I am instead asking myself. In a way this is a revelation; The idea that only I have the power to grant my desires and when I am not caring for myself it falls squarely on me, is like having a loose tooth. It is something to play with and find out where I can go with the idea that I am self fulfilling.

The Good Things!

  • I bought my own climbing gear and am belay certified. I have started to make some friends within the climbing community here.
  • I am attempting to start a Swing, Blues Fusion Dance Club.
  • I am keeping to my personal goals of exercising 3 times a week. Yesterday involved a 15 mile bike ride and the day before I climbed for 1.5 hour. Go me!
  • Riding a bike in a skirt is something I can do. This pleases me to no end.
  • I am in the process of applying to be a mentor for Gunnison Valley Mentors, a big brother/big sister program.

Cheers to all. Thanks to those of you who have checked in with me about my goals and are helping keep me on track! Love to you all.

College Goals-First Month

Last week on Wednesday, August 17th, I began a new chapter of my life. That’s right, this crazy alt schooler decided to start college, at Western State Colorado University. Five days into this adventure, I am ready to jump back into school. During orientation, Dr. Melanie orientation gave a speech called “Tattoos and Birds in Tents: Making your place at Western.” In this address, Dr. Hulbert asked two poignant questions: “What is  on your heart that has to get out?” and “What is success to you?” She encouraged each freshman in the  auditorium to try and discover what those questions meant to us. As I listened, I found myself thinking of five basic goals for my first month which addressed both success, be it in school or personal health, and my passions.

  1. Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA (Success)
  2. Become belay certified and climb twice a week (Passion)
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep at least 5 days a week (Success/Health)
  4. Check in with my mental health at least once a week (Success)
  5. Have one meaningful/poignant conversation at least once a week (Passion/Health)

Each of these goals still feels a bit vague, so I took it upon myself to break each one down into several steps.

  1. Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA
    1. Show up to every class
    2. Do all homework assigned in a timely fashion
    3. Ask for help if needed, using all resources at my disposal
    4. Communicate with my Professors, either for help or just to build a healthy helpful relationships.
  2. Become belay certified and climb twice a week
    1. Buy climbing gear
    2. Find a climbing partner
    3. Get belay certified
    4. Make plans to climb w/ partner at the beginning of each week
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep at least 5 days a week
    1. Sunday through Thursday go to bed by 11:00 pm each night in order to be up by 7:00 for breakfast and class
    2. Friday and Saturday are open nights.
  4. Check in with my mental health at least once a week
    1. Use Feelings and Needs cards each Wednesday
    2. Journal at least 3 times a week
    3. Check in with my support system each week
    4. Meditate/play violin/make jewelry once a week
  5. Have one vulnerable conversation at least once a week
    1. Place myself in vulnerable vulnerable but safe situations
    2. Start a conversation with someone new each day
    3. Share a vulnerable fact with someone at least once a week, if not everyday.

I then added what feels like the final piece:

6. Write one post each week documenting how I feel that I am achieving my goals, throughout the week. (Update: Write a post every week to every two weeks. Sept. 8th 2016)

I will end the month on September 30th with a final post, that summarizes how I think the month went. For those of you who want, feel free to check in with me about anything you see on this list.

This Moment

Hands curl around my cup, tea seeping warmth into cold hands.
Back curves deep into my chair, cradling and supporting.
Headphones covering ears, blocking out all noise but the notes I want to hear.
Gathering strength from others’ words, telling me not to worry cause its all gonna be alright.
Tongue tasting my own words as I follow along to the words of these songs, singing out my strength for all to hear.