100 Goals

The goals posted below are not set in stone and will be changed as they become outdated or no longer important. Finished goals are in Italics, will have a date completed. Cheers!

Learn to Drive stick

Live w/ roommates away from home (Started College Aug. 17th 2016)

Become fluent in Spanish

Meditate at least once daily (I have discovered that I prefer writing to meditating)

Ski every weekend I can

Backpack every 14r in Colorado 

Become EMT certified and serve on a truck

Find new classic/celtic music for Violin and learn to play the music (This is a work in progress, 2014-present)

Be more vulnerable

Become re-certified as a lifeguard

Find a job for the winter (Pictures of House and Animals to come on Instagram, Nov. 19, 2014)

Become a certified Ski instructor

Travel to Germany and Denmark

Build a Tiny House

Live out of Tiny House for at least 6 months

Get back into pottery

Become familiar with all the constellations and be able to point them out

Have an in-depth conversation about time and the concept of time with someone who has a deep understanding of those ideas

Get my motorcycle license and buy my own bike

Take a mechanics class and refurbish a motorcycle

Travel to every state on a motorcycle

Travel to Europe

Find chords for “Columbines”

Preform and “Columbines” live, October 2014

Compete in a swim meet (No longer relevant, I have discovered that I enjoy swimming on my own)

Travel to every state in the US

Explore Canada through a road trip

Write and produce my own album

Write and publish a novel

Learn to make fine chocolate

Buy a perk coffee maker for my future (Okay, not a perk coffee maker…but a french press, May 22, 2015)

Go to culinary school

Become a Swim Coach

Teach English as a second language in India, 

Become a certified ESL teacher

Live in a major city

Buy land in Paonia/North Fork Valley for a home base

Become familiar Natural/Herbal Medicine

365 art journal

Learn and be fluent in ASL

Learn sliver smithing and make sliver jewelry

Work with Chris Bailey (no longer relevent)

Live in England for at least a summer or a month

Home-stay in a foreign country

Become a Wilderness First Responder

Work with search and rescue

Work with ski rescue

Learn about and understand SADD

In-depth engineering project with my father (Build a robot, ect.)

Make a decent profit selling my art for a summer

Live off the grid in nat’l forest

Check the news everyday (This has become part of my everyday routine, 2014-present)

Open a small business (I own and operate my own photography business)

Open a clothing pop-up shop

Live w/ significant other

Make journals and sell them

Write poetry for the rest of my life and share it w/ others

Build a green home

Discover more about Buddhism

Live and work in Daramshala for longer than a month

Learn Hindi and Farsi and speak fluently

Learn all of Lalah’s recipes (especially dolmas)


Swim at least once a week for a year

Do math every day

Write a Science Fiction novel

Work as an engineer

Completely fill a journal (Update;Filled 3 journals and have started on a fourth)

Make wine

Make a living with photography

Work with a water conservation group

Work in the park service w/ kids

Learn to mix drinks

Be a bartender

Work with inner city kids bringing them out to the country

Work with Dev on a future Gap year trip

Learn to do Latte foam designs

Work with Kids for the rest of my life

Live in costa rica as a beach bum for a year

Live as an Expat somewhere for an extended period of time

Spend a month w/ a luthier


Go rappelling in Zion

Learn how to rappel correctly

Fly a plane

Hot air balloon

Travel in a hot balloon

Intern with my mom as an interior designer

Intern with my Aunt in the Cannabis industry

Make decent Manchego

Become familiar with computer workings

Work in local politics

Keep blog updated

Do a project blog

Develop a better vocabulary

Backpack in each major nat’l park

Spend a night on the Dunes

Spend 6 months as a migrant worker in a  foreign country

Sleep in a hammock in a tree

Write and Perform a Slam Poem

Perform Poetry at an open mic

Learn how to lead climb

Become Lead Rope certified

Buy my own climbing gear

Start my own dance community at Western State

Solo Backpacking Trip

Desert Road Trip

Go to Sand Diego

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