I arrived in India at about 9 pm. Going through customs was a breeze, and my mentors Amberjade and Vinay were right there waiting for me. Then began, my driving odyssey. The first drive through Delhi was a blur of lights colors and honking. The next stretch of driving was 14 hrs, and chaotic. Here, driving is an extreme sport. It takes skills, constant vigalence and a lot of honking. At first, the honking seems totally random and very angry. Then, everything settles in to a pattern, the drivers only honk when another car, truck, motorcycle or person is in the way. There is a Highway Code, and if you follow it everything will work out. Pedestrians are lowest, then motorcyclists, then trucks and lastly, are the cars. Cars rule the world of driving here and everyone must obey.

Indian School Days

When I arrived in my Indian Daycare and I was shocked, but not because conditions were bad or because the daycare only had one room. No, I expected those. I was shocked because the children were there to learn. They are not like American children, who consider school a place to play; they are there to learn.