From Backcountry Coffee

Misty Sunrise
Misty Sunrise at 7 am.

Paonia this morning is beautiful all misty and rainy; It feels like late October instead of the last of August. This is my favorite type of weather, as it feels like mornings in India. I have been in my favorite coffee shop for almost two hours now, with a pot of jasmine tea, a blueberry scone and no plans to leave anytime soon.  I have so much left to do in the week that remains before I start on my next adventure, packing needs to begin, rooms need to be cleaned and the laundry needs to be done. As I write this I am distracted by my music, Oh Emily, by Jukebox the Ghost. I keep wanting to sing and analyze the lyrics instead of typing. But the sun is out now, reminding me I have other things to do, like finish editing papers, and bringing my little sister coffee.