Poem Update

This is a poem I wrote for day 3, but didn’t post until now.

From A Writing Prompt:

This place which is not a place,

Which does and does not have a corporeal home.

Infinitely bring all things together, swirling them round and round each other.

Dangerous, the only reason being if you fall in you can’t get out.

A wormhole through space and time, taking each of us different places.

Hither and tither across planes of thought and time.

Every person knows it is there, a spot in the sky, yet nothing is know about its inside. 

It is empty space, sucking in matter and leaking out light.

Mixing the good and bad all together.

Simply a black hole. 


For Day 4, I had no words at all.

Day 4:

Dry as an empty well,

There are no words in this head of mine,

Only marbles and random thoughts rattle around,

Waiting for the water of thoughts and letters to fill in again.


Day 5:

Heart stopped, day of blinding tears and crazy joy.

Family coming apart and then pulling together, for a celebration of reunion.

Smiles fill the air, unaffected by the storm outside, threatening snow.





Writing Retreat

On Friday the 17th, life at the High Desert Center for Sustainable Studies was upheaved. We were packing for the Unschool Adventures Writing Retreat, which required complete cleaning and disappearance of all things related to the gap year. Saturday, was spent finishing the loading of things into Critter, our van, and driving to the Crested Butte Hostel. In the end, we spent two days in transit but my body and brain swore it was ten. Now, I sit at the Crested Butte Public library, 2,552 words into my writing goal. Writing everyday is not something I am accustomed to, but it is a good feeling, with goal accomplishing that makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile. So, now my novel is calling me and I must go write!

On Fire

Lately here at the High Desert Center for Sustainable Studies, it has been raining. By Colorado standards it has been pouring, which means, it gets cold. Which in turn means a fire is needed. This is a task which falls to me almost all of the time. Creating a fire is a meditative experience, where patience and love are much needed. A fire is like a good relationship, where trust is built, slowly through through each step of creating a fire. Lighting the tinder is like a first kiss, slow with prayers to keep it from going out. Adding more wood is gaining trust and sharing vulnerability with another person, until the fire rages. To keep that fire going, love and trust have to keeping being added to the relationship.


Two gallons of milk sit on the kitchen counter and starts the next gap year adventure, cheese making with Ashlyn Bristle.The cheese created was a fairly simple cheese, mozzarella. Cow’s milk was used as it is a fairly fatty milk and is better for the stretchy mozzarella. Cheese is complex to make, as the milk has to be heated to precisely the right temperature, the rennet has to be added at exactly the right time and the cheese curds have to set for the perfect amount of time, but also is a simple down-to-earth process, with hands touching, shaping and sending love into the food made. Apparently we had excellent milk and an expert cheese maker with us, because the mozzarella produced that day was the best anyone had tasted in awhile.

Dipping Mozzarella
Stretching Mozzarella
Mozzarella Balls