Snowy Morning

IMG_5640Snowy Morning

This picture was taken a couple of mornings ago. The sun was vainly attempting to crawl from behind the snow clouds and the deer were starting their daily migration. I was struck by the lighting and movement of the clouds; Snap-snap the camera clicks and an image is captured, simple and moving.


I love paper. It simple. How is moves and how it can be manipulated. This love results in creating snowflakes. They seem simple, with flowing lines and cuts, but they are complex and can over ten minutes to make.







Chickens and Goats, OH MY!

One week is a drop of water in the ocean of time, nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yet it feels like I have been house sitting here in Crawford for years. It feels like home with little rituals created and acted upon every day, looking up at the moon through the skylight, making breakfast in the morning and collecting eggs every evening. I watch the deer waltz through my yard and fields every evening.

Right now I am taking care of four goats and one micro-cow. Three of the goats stand no taller than my foot and a half knee. There is a tan and white boy named Dr. Kregger, who’s personality is not limited by his size; There is a brown, black and white boy named Madamartagan, who is a bit skittish but enjoys a good carrot; The last small goat is a girl named Sorsha, who has a sweet disposition and loves to run. I am also taking care of a fainting goat, named Crazy Eyes for reasons unknown. Appa is the micro-cow and is terrified of people, however it has been discovered that she has a fondness for carrots. We are working to better our relationship.

I am also taking care of lots of chickens, a breed know as White Crested Black Polish. They are some of the craziest looking chickens I have ever seen and some of the silliest birds ever. There are also two guinea hens, who have a fondness for loud squawking on top of buildings.

The cats are the best comic relief anyone could ask for and with names like Pickle, Chao and Neow, what else could be expected. They are also wonderful snuggle buddies, curling up on top of me when I am writing and reading.

Curled up next to a roaring fire and tucked into the mountains my winter adventure is getting off to a wonderful start.

5 tips for Group Living

Group Living can be a challenge; There are small living quarters, no privacy and people everywhere. But all this aside living with more than ten people can be the best experience if you know how to do it right.

1. Keep your stuff picked up and put away. If you get something out put it away, right after you are finished using it.

2. Find a private space somewhere away from the group and take time for yourself everyday.

3. If you have a need bring it up and discuss what can be done to help you reach a solution. Don’t be afraid of sharing, someone else might have a similar concern.

4. Get sleep! Being with a group can encourage staying up late, which can be fun once in awhile, but the human body needs sleep to be healthy. Go to bed early at least once or twice a week.

5. If you’re sick, take care of yourself. This may sound like commonsense, but sickness can spread easily through a large group. Wash your hands, don’t touch food and avoid bodily contact with people.


Just a Piano

PianoThis is just a piano, nothing more, nothing less. It has a story:

The day is unseasonably warm for early November and the blue sky above is clear. I walk hand-in-hand with Emeric, on our way to find adventure. We a looking for a piano for Emeric and Kira, one of our other piano playing friends. Kira had heard about a free church piano sitting somewhere in town and we were out in force. The idea is  to drag it back to the hostel. When we find it, the front panel is on the top, the string and mallard innards exposed to the world. Emeric drops my hand and runs his fingers along the keys, pressing, shaking his head. “Its all out of tune and the keys are stiff. Its too far gone for us to use.” His voice holds a bit of sadness, mourning the loss of a beautiful instrument. I feel the grandeur of the piano that still hangs in the air. This use to be an i instrument whose keys sang out its story every Sunday to a congregation of people. The beauty of the broken piano is one that is rarely seen, held together but sagging, still trying to share its story with the world.


Interstellar: A Review

A few weeks ago I sat down to watch the newest science fiction movie, Interstellar, in a dark theater filled with people. I initially watched with trepidation, the opening scene was a post-dust bowl documentary. This was not what I had signed up for. Slowly though, the movie revealed its true nature, with gravitational anomalies and a secret space agency trying to save the world. The idea that people of the future could communicate through gravity was intriguing, leading to the exploration of gravity as another dimension. Each scene was better and better, with a greater sense of urgency for the humankind working through me. Would earth be saved? This is a movie for a sci-fi fan to fall in love with. The correctness of the science behind each shot was impressive, the black hole scene particularly so. Interstellar explores the idea of time as a dimension in the black hole. The idea of time being something malleable and traversable was well communicated, through the main character’s exploration of the book cases. The end was something of a letdown, everything so easily wrapped up, but the good overcomes the bad here. I would highly recommend this movie to any person, sci-fi fan or not.