Christmas and New Year

I had a good Christmas. This year was the second year in my parents’ divorce. My siblings and I spent an early Christmas Eve with my mom and her boyfriend before she went to Florida. We then went to my Grandmother’s house to spend Christmas. I also went skiing with my adopted brother’s family. We spent a great day on the mountain except for the  most interesting last run of the day. It is the only unmaintained run on Snowmass mountain and a hike is required to get to it. I quickly discovered that I am desperately out of practice with moguls and that a lesson or two might be a good thing. I also skied at my favorite resort over break and even though the runs were icy and more of the mountain was closed than open, I enjoyed myself. As a New Years desperately my mom brought home a puppy. My brother, sister and I had helped pick her out but were unsure of when she was coming home. We named her Ginger and she is our new joy.