Secretary Clinton’s Tag Cloud

This is a Tag Cloud of what Secretary Clinton said tonight in the debate. Secretary Clinton used about 6,364 words. I created the cloud to show the top 10% of words used, with a maximum word limit of 636. This shows the top 413 of 974 possible words. The text source is NPRs fact check live stream.


able abroad absolutely according action activity add address administration admit advantage african-american ago agreement alliance allies america american anybody anyone architect around asked assist assume attacks away backs balance bankruptcy barack basically beauty become begin behalf believe benefit best better bias biggest birther bit black blow bomb bring budget build built bush business buy called campaign career causes certainly challenge change charges checker chiefs china citizen claim class clean clear clearly closely coalition collapse college coming committee communities companies concerns concluded consequences contest cooperation corporate country couple course create credit crime criminal crisis criticize cuts cyber dangerous deal debate debt debt-free deeply democratic department deserve determines different difficult direct disagree dismissed dollars donald done doubt drapery earned east economic economy education effect efforts eight election else elsewhere ended energy enforcement engage enough equal europe everyone everything example exports fabrics face facilities fact failed fair family far father federal feeling fifty fight files finally financial forth future give global going government group grow growth guess gun hack half hands happened hard health heard help hiding hold home hope hours house hundred ices implicit important including incomes increased independent ineffective information installers intelligence intend invest involve iran iraq iraqi isis issues japan jobs justice keep kept kinds korea laid law lead leader leadership learn leave lester lie life live looked loophole lose lost lot majority making man manufacturing material matter maybe mayors means mental met middle middle-class military million minimum miss mistake money murder muslim mutual name nations nato needed negotiated neighborhoods nine nuclear number obama officers okay online opportunities order organizing owes paid paint pay peace people percent persisted personal plan please police policy position possible prepared president prison private problems produce profit program progress prohibition proposed protect proud prove provide public push putting question quite race racist raising rate real really reasons recent recession reform refused release remember report republican respect responsibilities restore returns rising rock ron russia safe sailors sanction saying schools secret secretary security seeing senate sense several share ship six skills slash small smart something sometimes south squeeze stage stamina stand start state stiffed stop street sued support sure switch system table taken talk taunted tax ten terrorism terrorist thank things think thirty threat today together tonight took top trade training treated trickle-down tried trillion troops troubling trump trust turn twenty understand unfortunately united vets view vote wage wall wanted war warfare watch water ways wealthy weapons weeks white woman women words work world worst wrote years york young zero
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