Eliya Sorensen, Author of Jasmine Tea

I, Eliya Sorensen, am a mountain girl born and raised. I moved to the mountain town of Paonia in 2005 and fully intend to use Paonia as my home base far into future adventures. The current adventure I am on is a group living experience based out of Colorado, for eight months and am blogging many of my escapades.

I am an artist of sound and sight, a teacher and student, a human and female, a traveler and an older sister. Dev’s program offered me a respite from the shaky parts of my human experience. The uncertain parts of my life have lead me to a large amount of spirituality for an atheist. If you fall, get back up and try again. Do not fear what you don’t know. Practice loving everyone for you don’t live in their stories. Find acceptance of all situations. Origami cranes bring joy and spirituality into life. and Nature is my Amazing Grace, are some of my guiding ideas in life. Everyday demands a different bit of wisdom and patience.

Musician and artist are two of my greatest identities. My true love is my violin, which I found in kindergarten. I also view my voice as a beautiful instrument and I always have a song on my lips. A camera found its way into my hands when I was about ten, and I was transfixed in the paradigm shift through the lens.

Teaching children, especially younger children is one of my greatest joys. I have been lucky enough to teach english as a second language in India for a month, and become a Water Safety Instructor and an assistant swim coach.

Auga, pani, wasser and water, Four words for one simple thing, made of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. I have studied four languages including, spanish, hindi, german and my native speech of english. Different tongues have always captured my attention, the way all distinct words flow can sound the same and have the same meaning.