Not all curves…
So many rocks

There is nothing quite as calming as balancing a stack of rocks. These particular Cairns were built under the shade of a cliff in the Dark Canyon Wilderness of Utah, on a half day solo. Each cairn aims to play with structure, texture, shape, size and color. These are some of my personal favorites.

Smallest to Largest
From below




Moonrise in the Pinacates After leaving the Ejido, the group traveled down the cost of Mexico, stopping in Puerto Penasco and then on to The El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. The Biosphere Reserve is based in Sonora, Mexico and holds hundreds of leftover geological remains from volcanos, including huge craters such as Crater Elegante, pictured below.

Crater Elegante in the Pinacate Volcanic Range , Sonora MexicoSunset in the Pinacates

Just a Piano

PianoThis is just a piano, nothing more, nothing less. It has a story:

The day is unseasonably warm for early November and the blue sky above is clear. I walk hand-in-hand with Emeric, on our way to find adventure. We a looking for a piano for Emeric and Kira, one of our other piano playing friends. Kira had heard about a free church piano sitting somewhere in town and we were out in force. The idea is  to drag it back to the hostel. When we find it, the front panel is on the top, the string and mallard innards exposed to the world. Emeric drops my hand and runs his fingers along the keys, pressing, shaking his head. “Its all out of tune and the keys are stiff. Its too far gone for us to use.” His voice holds a bit of sadness, mourning the loss of a beautiful instrument. I feel the grandeur of the piano that still hangs in the air. This use to be an i instrument whose keys sang out its story every Sunday to a congregation of people. The beauty of the broken piano is one that is rarely seen, held together but sagging, still trying to share its story with the world.