Donald Trump’s Tag Cloud

This is a Tag Cloud of what Mr. Donald Trump said tonight in the debate. Mister Trump used about 8,197 words. I created the cloud to show the top 10% of words used, with a maximum word limit of 819. This shows the top 445 of 883 possible words. The text source is NPRs fact check live stream.


able absolutely addition admission ads advantage african-american agency ago agree agreement ahead airports almost amendment america anybody anything anywhere approve arabia argument around article asked assets audit avenue away bad badly banks barack beat beautiful became become beginning behind believe bernie best better beyond biggest billions birth bit blumenthal border bridges bring brought bubble budget build built bureaucratic business button buy called campaign car care cases cash certain certainly certificate change chicago china cities clinton club cnn comes commercials community companies complaining complete computers concerned control cost could’ve country course created credit crime cut cyber deal debate debt debtor defeat defective defend delete democrat deserve devaluing different disagree disaster disgraceful division dollars donald done double doyle east economy eight election else emails end endorsed energy estate everybody everything example excuse expand experience extent fact fail fairness family far father fault favor fed federal feel fifteen fifth fifty fight filed financial fine finish focus formed forty forward fought frankly friend frisk gangs gave general getting give given going gold golf greatest guilt guns hacks half hannity happen happy hard heard hell help hillary hispanic history honest horrible hundred ice idea illegal immigrants impact important incentive including income increase incredible inner instead interest internet interview invested involved iran iraq isis japan jobs judge keeping killed korea land large later law lawsuit lawyer leadership league learn leaving lester leveraged life list looks losing lost lot love luck mainstream major manager manufacturing mass maybe mayor mcclatchy media mess met mexico michigan middle million mind mine minute mistake money murders nafta name nation nato needs negotiate nice night ninety no-fly nobody north nothing notice nuclear number numerous obama office ohio oil okay opening order outside owe paid past patti paying pennsylvania people percent perhaps person pictures places plan plants police political politicians power prepared president pressing probably problem produce product protect proud purposely putting question quickly raise ran randy rates read reagan real really reason recently red refused regulations relates relationships release renegotiate report respect respond returns rid roads ronald running russia sanders satisfied saudi save saying schedule sean secretary sell sent service settled seven seventy shootings should’ve shows sidney signed single site situation six small solar solutions somebody something soon sound special spent squandered stamina standard started states stop story street strong strongly sudden sued support supposed sure table taken taking talking tape tax telling temperament ten terms terrible terror things think third thirty thousands throughout times today told top totally tough tougher trade treated tremendous trillion trouble true trump truth twenty unable unbelievable united untrue used vacuum various wait wants war watch wealthy website week win wish wonder words work world worse worst worth wrong years york young
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