This week a recurring theme in my life has been “What do you want to do? How do you intend to make an impact in people’s lives?” My answers have been a bit scattered but I am going to try to condense them here.

At the very surface I want to help people. This is a broad goal without clear definitions or an obvious path to success. To refine this goal I want to work with young adults and help them grow into well adjusted adults. Taking this idea a step further, I discover that I want to work with young women and encourage them to step into the world and fly. By fly mean I want to help girls find their feet and help them become doers who have intentions to change the world for the better. I want to teach them how to be at peace with themselves, how to learn from life everyday and how to communicate clearly, with kindness and intention. I want them to leave my ideal program knowing they are strong and can do anything they set their minds to. I want to do this in a very different way; I want to bring girls together in a backcountry setting, in small intimate groups which cross as many socio and economic lines as possible and I want to do it at no cost for the girls. I want to bring them together as equals, have them learn from each other’s life experiences and have them find a group who will support them throughout the rest of their lives.

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