Interstellar: A Review

A few weeks ago I sat down to watch the newest science fiction movie, Interstellar, in a dark theater filled with people. I initially watched with trepidation, the opening scene was a post-dust bowl documentary. This was not what I had signed up for. Slowly though, the movie revealed its true nature, with gravitational anomalies and a secret space agency trying to save the world. The idea that people of the future could communicate through gravity was intriguing, leading to the exploration of gravity as another dimension. Each scene was better and better, with a greater sense of urgency for the humankind working through me. Would earth be saved? This is a movie for a sci-fi fan to fall in love with. The correctness of the science behind each shot was impressive, the black hole scene particularly so. Interstellar explores the idea of time as a dimension in the black hole. The idea of time being something malleable and traversable was well communicated, through the main character’s exploration of the book cases. The end was something of a letdown, everything so easily wrapped up, but the good overcomes the bad here. I would highly recommend this movie to any person, sci-fi fan or not.

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